• Color – Specialty Colors, Full Highlights, ect.
  • Cuts – Men’s, Women’s, and Kids
  • Other – Call for specifics 🙂


  • Regular and Gel Nails


  •  Brows, Chin, Lip, and more

About Me

My name is Katie and I’m from Middleton, Idaho. I’m a cosmetologist and I try to make the world a more beautiful place one person at a time. I like to explore new places and have a bucket list of places still to see.  I love cooking, I like the creativity of it. I especially love baking and decorating desserts for friends. I enjoy reading and hiking in the mountains around my home town.I love meeting new people and am passionate about my work! You will not leave disappointed. All of these paper writer will affect whether your character is terse or long-winded, whether they use technical terms or layman`s ones
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