Katie Leavitt

My name is Katie Leavitt and I’m a twin and a cosmetologist. My sister and I were born 25 minutes apart and are identical. Even though we look alike, we have very different interests and hobbies.


My hobbies include: Reading, Hiking and being in nature, Cooking and baking, Music and singing, Trying foods from other countries, Traveling, Fashion, Hair and Makeup.


I have always loved playing with hair. As a little girl, I was always begging to do someone’s hair or nails. In middle school and high school I always did my sisters and friends hair. I loved experimenting with makeup and especially enjoyed using my talents to enhance Halloween costumes.


After high school, I went to college for a year and then decided to serve a mission for my church. I was called to the Washington Federal Way Mission. I loved the people and how green it was, a benefit from all that rain. 


When I returned home, I decided to attend cosmetology school. When I visited, Paul Mitchell the School in Rexburg Idaho, my family jokingly told me, “I’d found my people”. Even though they were messing around, I knew I had found my school and my career. I love making people feel beautiful and improving their confidence.


After I graduated cosmetology school I decide that I would go work for supercuts by working there it made me realize that I wanted a more personally connection with my clients so I quit that job and stared looking for a new job. Then I found the perfect place for me a little place called simply Bliss Salon and from day one working there I knew that I found my place where I can making people feel beautiful and improving their confidence.

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